Get informed where police controls, trap cameras, parking checks and much more traffic data are located on the streets around you.



This free app gives you an overview where cops were last spotted, during a parking check, a cop on patrol, a road accident, a laser gun and more!

Great Features

Cop Spotter comes with some great features for on the road!

Sonar mode

A sonar sound tells you when you approach a cop

Background support

Cop spotter can run in your background!

Spot filter

You can sort your map on the kind of spots you want to see.

Great Spots

From parking control to police stations. In the app you can spot different kind of controls.

Traffic Data

Get live information about road work and road events.

Street View

Get the street view image of every spot along with other detailed information.

Screenshots of Cop Spotter

Track down agents on your own and help your fellow countryman!

Download Copspotter!